Glamour College of Beauty founded in Osaka in 1955 is one of the biggest hair design training colleges with more than 600 students in Japan. Having three basic philosophies of「TECHNIQUES」「HUMANITY」「CREATIVITY」it develops outstanding human resources and renowned for producing a lot of qualified hair stylists and usher them away to the beauty industry. It keeps high pass rate for the annual national examination for hairdresser and last year, gaining 99.7% ranked No.1 pass rate hair design training college. It has gained 39 prizes which NO.1 ranking in total in nationwide annual hair design competition, in which 3000 students participated, held by the Japan center for hairdressing and beauty education since 2009.

WorldSkillsJapanCompetitor KeiyaKawamura
WorldSkillsJapanCompetitor KeiyaKawamura
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Two year full time programs, it offers 5 specialized courses as「Hair Stylist」「Bridal Stylist」「Makeup Artist」「Aesthetician」「Nail Technician」. After having acquired basic skills including traditional Japanese style for the first 6 months of the first year, one of the specialized course is to be chosen.


We have confirmed the sister school partnership with the Elisa Lemonnier polytechnic high school situated in Paris, France in 1986 and the MingTai High School situated in Taichung County, Taiwan CHINESE TAIPEI in 2010.We are to expand the wave of exchange. If any school officials who are interested in it, please contact us via Facebook or Instagram.

sisterschool in France

Elisa Lemonnier polytechnic highschool

partnership since 1986

sisterschool in china

MingTai High School

Taichung County CHINESE TAIPEI
partnership since 2010


Our students win gold, silver and bronze medals in Hairdressing Field at the 54th National Skills Competition of Japan. The gold medal winner and our graduated student "Keiya Kawamura" represented JAPAN at an international competition in Abu Dhabi. He took over the No.8 spot in Hairdressing Field. We look forward to a bright future as his career flourishes with Nationwide.

WorldSkillsJapanCompetitor KeiyaKawamura

Keiya Kawamura

Glamour College of Beauty

WorldSkillsJapanCompetitor KeiyaKawamura'sWork

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